5 Must Do Things on Your Riviera Maya Vacation

Riviera Maya is an amazing place which is tucked away from the world at large. While the region has famous archaeological and natural sites, yet somehow it isn’t as famous as other cities or regions, especially in Europe. That act is a disservice of the treasury present therein. Here is an example- there are more than 700kms of cave networks, which are within the Riviera Maya limits and this includes two of the largest underwater cave systems in the world. Yet, Riviera Maya was a vacation destination even before Cancun- in the 60s; explorers, divers and treasure hunters would boat over from the Cozumel to the mainland. If you plan to head over for a vacation, then we would recommend getting those Riviera Maya rental homes as you will be more comfortable and be able to live as you want.

Now, how about we tell you what places you definitely should visit on a trip here:

Go for a day Trip to Cenote Dos Ojos

The mysterious Mayan ruins of the city of Tulum will transport you back in time as you uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization. Hire a guide to the archeological site and explore centuries old ruins. The roads to Tulum are fringed with jungles on both sides and the walled Maya city is situated on the coast, just above the powerful crashing waves of the Caribbean. You will get to know about Mayan worship, rituals and their daily life from your guide as you take a walk around the Castillo, the site’s clifftop.

Take a trip to the Beautiful Beaches of Tulum

Bury your toes in smooth sand of Tulum’s picturesque beaches or go for a dip at the Cenote Dos Ojos. Touring in the sweat breaking heat will certainly tire you out. So, refresh yourself by going for a swim in Tulum’s finest stretch of white sand and warm waters will seem like a blessing. Make sure you go out with plenty of time on your hands.

Explore the Xplor Park

Do you have the heart of a thrill seeker and the enthusiasm of an explorer? Then head over to the Xplor park, which is equipped with double zipline circuits, lush jungles, an underground river and more. If you get exhausted at the end of the day, then there are lavish buffet spreads which you will be able to enjoy. Here’s how you can enjoy this park- head over to the zipline and make your way from the soaring skies to the mighty underground. Them move on to a platform which is situated at the top of the jungle and then come down to one of the tallest ziplining courses in the region which crisscrosses 14 lines on your super flying adventure. You will love the feeling of having the wind rush past your face as you take in the beautiful views and feel the water splashing in the river below your feet. Now, clamber on an amphibious vehicle as you set off on an off road adventure that will take you around the jungle before heading off to an underground river. You will be able to see float along amazing rock formations by the river or maybe go for a swim and dive in amongst the stalagmites and stalactites. Surely, so many adventures will drive your appetite up; so we suggest filling yourself up with the park’s 24 hour, all-you-can-eat-buffet which is stocked with fresh fruits, snacks, hot chocolate and smoothies- the perfect mix to calm you down after strenuous activities. This adventure park will surely bring out the adrenaline thrill seeker in you.

Take a trip to Isla Mujeres Catamaran

Come aboard an elegant Catamaran and cruise away from mesmerizing Cancun’s sun soaked coast and head over to the beautiful shores of Isla Mujeres. Grab onto a seat on the open air deck and allow the gentle winds to cool you off as you cruise. Make sure to put on a snorkel and mask when you reach the Great Mayan Reef so that you can go for some underwater exploring in the world’s second largest Reef. You will be able to spot schools of mesmerizing tropical fish, sea turtles and corals which will gently sway in the ocean currents. All these activities will have surely left you thirsty, so dry yourself off and then head over to the open bar so as to grab a quick drink before the Catamaran anchors up at a secluded and quiet Beach club. Here, fill yourself up with a delicious lunch before heading over to the town area where you will be able to enjoy the beach front bars, go for shopping in the colourful shops which will whisk you away from the sand and surf.

Explore the nightlife of the place

Going to visit archaeological monuments and sites or going for swims and dips is exciting during the days; but surely you will not enjoy sitting around for what is the most vibrant part of the region- the nightlife. The cabarets, roof top cocktails and the clubs will entice you to no end. But if you would like some seclusion then there are clubs which have a low population count, but serve excellent classic margaritas and amazing music. This is definitely one of the party centrals of Latin America.

Riviera Maya is the place for the aquaman’s who will enjoy diving, snorkeling, swimming and such. The archeological ruins tell a tale beyond time and will take you back in a time unknown. So hop into this time machine and get going!