Towing Regulations in France

In order to tow a car or other vehicle in France, you must have a license that allows you to tow. A standard class B driving licence is sufficient to tow a small car or trailer, and it is the recommended requirement for anyone over 3.5 tonnes. However, there are several restrictions that you should be aware of before you start towing. In France, you must have a license to tow over 3.5 tonnes, and this training can be expensive. Check for more info on the subject.

Towing France

When towing a motorhome or a trailer, the maximum speed will be based on the combined weight of the vehicle and the trailer. In most cases, vehicles under 3.5 tonnes are allowed to tow up to eighty percent of their own weight. It is not necessary to follow a reduced speed limit, but you must check the weight of the car and the trailer before setting off. Otherwise, you risk getting into trouble with the police if you do not obey the rules. French authorities are strict about this and you could face fines of over 100 euros or points on your licence if you are caught exceeding the limit.

Overweight trailers can be dangerous to tow and you can get a class 4 fine of EUR130 if you are more than 20% overweight. If your trailer is over 20kg, it is a class 5 infringement with a EUR1500 fine. You will also be impounded or confiscated if your vehicle is over the limit, even if you are not at fault. Your insurance will not be valid if you are over the allowed weight limit.

The weight of your vehicle and the trailer will determine the maximum speed you can safely travel in France. You should make sure your vehicle is under 3.5 tons to avoid any penalties. It is also important to know that the maximum weight of your car and trailer is only 3.5 tonnes, so you do not need to follow the reduced speed limit. Remember to double check the weight of your car and trailer before setting off, otherwise you could get penalized. In addition to a fine, you can lose points on your driving license and have your licence revoked if you exceed the limit.

If you are towing a small trailer, you need to be aware of the regulations. In France, the weight limit is 990kg. This means that you can tow a small trailer if your car is not more than 8.250kg. If you are towing a trailer that weighs more than this, you should contact your insurance provider to discuss the rules and regulations. If you’re unsure, it is best to seek help from a qualified driver.

Overweight and underweight trailers are prohibited in France. Overweight trailers can be dangerous and can result in a class 4 fine of EUR130. A 20% overweight trailer is considered a class 5 infringement and will be impounded if you’re not at fault. It is illegal to tow a heavy trailer if you are not insured. Towing in France is a serious crime. If you don’t know the regulations, you may end up being liable for a large sum of money.

If you’re towing a trailer in France, you need to be aware of the regulations. The weight of a folding camper is below 3.5t. While you don’t need to follow a reduced speed limit in France, it’s best to pay attention to the weight of the trailer in case of a speed violation. Towing a camper or a folding camper in France can be a serious matter.

Towing a car or a trailer in France requires a special license. While this may not seem like a big deal in the UK, it’s still important to be aware of the laws and regulations in the country. Overweight trailers are dangerous to tow, and you’ll be charged a class 4 fine and a class 5 infringement, which can result in a hefty fine of over 100 Euros and points on your licence.

Towing a caravan in France can be a serious problem. In addition to a high-risk towing situation, a poorly-equipped or ill-equipped vehicle is not allowed to tow a trailer in the country. You should also ensure the weight of your car and the weight of the trailer before towing. If you don’t have the proper paperwork, you can hire a professional tow in France. These professionals can also help you with a variety of other legal issues.


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